Poetry in shop windows

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For the first time this year, Canterbury Connected launched a competition to celebrate the tremendous creativity and hard work that goes into designing shop windows at Christmas. To support this project Canterbury Connected’s ongoing support of Wise Words, our young Word Out poets went and met many of the owners and wrote haiku length poems that captured the story of each shop.  These poems are now in shop windows across the city.

Poems are in the following shops: 

  • The Falstaff
  • Burgate Coffee shop
  • Kitch
  • 925 Jewellers
  • Old Buttermarket
  • The Pound
  • Holistic Health |
  • Dems Restaurant
  • Anthony W Pearce Jewellers
  • Brunch
  • Dodgems and Floss
  • Bike Tart
  • Canterbury Tales
  • Chaucer Bookshop
  • Edinburgh Woollen Mill
  • Castle Street flooring
  • Mod and Rock
  • Mulberry Cottages
  • Ortwin Thyssen Master JewelleryAlex Vellis 8

The Competition

Alongside Canterbury’s Poet Laureate we were asked to judge the best dressed window. We were blown away by how inventive and beautiful the windows were but some moved beyond this and  touched our hearts.

The Small Independent shop category: 


Queen-Bee-Home Tiny-Tims-2 Ortwin-Thyssen-2 Cousins-&-Sons
Gold Silver Merit Merit
Queen Bee Home Tiny Tim’s Tearoom Ortwin Thyssen Cousins & Sons

In the Medium / Large / Chain Category:

Fenwick Steamer-Trading Jigsaw
Gold Silver Merit
Fenwick Steamer Trading Cookshop Jigsaw


People’s Choice Award goes to:

Burgate Coffee House

Judges Commendation went to:

Brunch1 Cath-Kidston Dodgems-Floss
Brunch Cath Kidston Dodgems and Floss
Chaucer-Bookshop Marlowes1 The-Pound
The Chaucer Bookshop Marlowes Restaurant The Pound


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