Gulb Slam

GulbSlam takes place monthly at the Gulbenkian, Canterbury.  Featuring some of the UK’s top performance poets and a host of local talent, the Gulb Slam always provides a fun packed night out.

What is the GulbSlam?

Our GulbSlam is competitive performance poetry. Poets have to perform in a fast paced competition where they have three minutes to impress judges that are randomly selected from the audience. They receive scores (0-10) from each judge based on the content and performance, and at the end a winner is revealed and given a 10 minute opening slot at the next Slam.

Each month the headline artist facilitates a pre slam workshop, giving Kent artists the opportunity to learn from some of the top performance poets in the UK.

A Grand Slam Final at the Wise Words Festival brings together slam winners from across the region.

One of the best things about the GulbSlam is the range of poets it attracts. You’ll find a diverse range of work including heartfelt love poetry, searing social commentary, uproarious comic routines, and bittersweet personal confessional pieces.

First time slammers – You are free to do work in any style on any subject, but it must be original. Each poet has three minutes to perform, any time over that and you loose points!

What about the audience?

We encourage the audience to participate, by cheering, whistling or even heckling the host or judges. Slam poetry is not a passive performance, and we want the audience to express itself. If you think the poem or scores are great or suck let us know!

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