Prosper | 2012 – 2014

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In the midst of the changes and challenges of the current time, we invited artists & arts organisations to come together with people and organisations in the public, private, community and voluntary sectors to investigate how collaborating can conjure possibilities that will help East Kent to thrive…

Prosper was about unusual ideas, unlikely connections and untested partnerships that explored:

Social Change – how collaboration can make a difference to the way people build, serve or transform their communities

Place – how collaboration can shift or encourage a different understanding of, connection to or commitment to a place

Interdisciplinary Work – how collaboration between artists from different disciplines can develop new skills and thinking and produce adventurous work


Prosper had three stages…

Gatherings: (June – August 2012) Events featuringinspiring speakers, guidance and creative support that helped people seek out partners, conjure up ideas and formulate opportunities…

Experiments: (September 2012 – February 2013) Thirteen investments of up to £5,000 were made that enabled collaborations to test out the possibilities of their ideas and partnership. These allowed the partnerships to research, prepare for and carry out small but practical experiments from which they gained insight, energy and ambition…

Adventures: (April 2013 – Dec 2013) Up to five investments of to £20,000 to action the aspirations emerging out of the Experiments, to extend the reach or depth of the work and to produce exciting outcomes that could be shared across and beyond East Kent.

“Prosper is the most important and significant piece of development work that Canterbury Festival has ever undertaken”

Rosie Turner, Canterbury Festival Director

Prosper is a Canterbury Festival initiative, conceived and produced by Workers of Art and the Map Consortium.

A short trailer…

The main Prosper film

  • Prosper: Out of the Storm
  • 2012 - 2014

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